Teacher’s Survey: The Future of Work

Stirling Media is an experienced media and conference producer and we are excited to launch a series of free conferences for teachers, parents, students and careers advisors about the future of work.

We are appealing to teachers to share their opinions.

Our first campaign is focused on the range of careers in high-tech manufacturing, and the wider manufacturing industry.

Manufacturing companies and their suppliers need many skills and offer many jobs beyond engineering – the sector needs a wide range of abilities, skills and professions to grow.

These events will explain the variety of jobs, qualifications and skills needed for these careers, the high demand from industry and the economy, and crucially, how jobs will change in the future – covering AI, digitalisation and climate change solutions.

-Talks will be given by young employees, company directors, engineers and experts.
anels and Q&A sessions mean that your questions will be answered.
We plan to make the conference about 3 hours, in the late afternoon / evening to suit work hours.
We have five conference locations across England this autumn and more in 2025.

We’d be grateful for your opinion on attending this conference. The survey below is purely for research purposes. Your responses will not be published or attributed to you publicly. Thank you.